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My blogging started as a record of my son's allergies and over the past few years has grown to include my daughter's and my new grown into allergies.  My hubby is on an anti-inflammatory diet for a nerve condition.  Between the 4 of us, I spend most of my time in the kitchen, grocery shopping and researching about foods & hygiene products.  We scratch cook & make many of our own cleaners & hygiene care.

I also advocate for autism acceptance & attempt to be a voice for my son as we evolve along this journey.  I'm intrigued by how much what we eats affects our health from allergic reactions to behavioral/mood changes and even seizure-type activity.

Tapestry Threads

b2ap3_thumbnail_family-pic12.jpgI am no stranger to the connection between diet and its effect on health. When I was growing up a popular slogan was “You are what...

Hidden Treasure Grain - Amaranth

When venturing into the unfamiliar world of gluten-free & corn-free for Ivan's specific menu needs, we stumbled into Amaranth along the way.  The most popular...

Celebrating a "Deconstructed Thanksgiving"

I posted this in my corn allergy group last night and have been amazed at the responses it’s getting. Thanksgiving strike... Sort of. Was talking...