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Staying hydrated is good for great health. Many people often underestimate the importance of standard water for our bodies. Even getting enough standing water is very...

FDA-Approved Palforzia—A Cure for Peanut Allergy?

If you’re tuned into the food allergy world, you probably heard that on January 31st, 2020, the FDA approved the first oral immunotherapy (OIT) drug for treating peanut allergy...

Is Coconut a Tree Nut?

There’s a lot of confusion around the difference between peanuts and tree nuts. They may look similar, but they’re very different! Peanuts are legumes (edible seeds...

Celebrities with Food Allergies

Photo credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images.If you’ve ever picked up the tabloids, you’ve likely seen celebrity columns like “Stars—They’re Just Like Us!” It’s always some celebrity performing...

Snooze of Lose: The True Cost of Sleep Loss

“If we don’t continue to chip away at our collective delusion that burnout is the price we must pay for success, we’ll never be able...

Cookbook Review – Everyone’s Welcome

Cookbook Review – Everyone’s Welcome
With beautiful pictures and mouth-watering recipes, the cookbook Everyone’s Welcome by Amanda Orlando is perfect in the food allergy kitchen!A few years ago I had the...

Everything You Wanted to Know About Peanut Allergy

To date, peanut allergy continues to be the most common food allergy among American children. It’s also the most lethal, and while all allergens are potentially...

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival
If your school has a food event, the best way to ensure that it’s allergy-friendly is to get involved. That’s what I did with our Harvest...

Do Dogs Prevent Allergies?

If you follow us on social, you know we’re big fans of dogs at Allergy Amulet HQ—and one in particular: #OfficeDogMurf 😍Studies show that dogs can improve cardiovascular...

Allergen-Free Holiday Recipes

Happy (almost) holidays from our Allergy Amulet family to yours. We’re changing things up on the blog today in order to share some of our favorite...

Viaskin Peanut Patch BLA accepted

Viaskin Peanut Patch BLA accepted
The FDA has accepted the BLA for the Viaskin Peanut Patch. This is a key step in the process of getting FDA approval for this revolutionary...

EpiPen Glove Box Heat Experiment

EpiPen Glove Box Heat Experiment
Dashboard-level heat will destroy an EpiPen, but how does epinephrine fare inside the glove box? Check out my experiment to find out! If you read my last EpiPen...

Navigating Adult-Onset Food Allergies as a Travel Writer

As a travel writer, I’ve made a career out of visiting new places, immersing myself in local cultures, and sampling exotic cuisines. However, navigating these experiences...

12 Tips for Grocery Shopping with Food Allergies

12 Tips for Grocery Shopping with Food Allergies
I don’t know why I was so dense on the subject of taking basic safety measures at the grocery store (despite my food allergies) for so...

A Better Epinephrine Auto-injector

If you or a loved one had a food allergy in the 1970s or ‘80s, you know that there has been very little innovation or improvement...