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Double Standards when flying American Airlines

Double Standards when flying American Airlines

I recently learned (and shared on social) that FARE has joined forces with attorney Mary Vargas to file a complain with the Department of Transportation against American Airlines, citing that their posted “Nut Allergy Policy” is in violation of federal law. Now, I don’t personally know whether filing a complaint with the DOT will accomplish anything. It isn’t a lawsuit, so does the DOT do anything when complains are filed, or is this just a symbolic gesture? Does the DOT tend to ignore complaints from individuals, but the fact that a powerhouse like FARE is issuing the complaint might mean that more will happen? I don’t know.

When sharing FARE’s press release about the complaint, I wanted a picture so I took a screenshot of American Airlines’ policy–and what I found with it made me shake my head, and want to shake someone else, too.

The nut policy appears at the bottom of a page about special meals and diets. Apparently, meals for special diets can be requested in advance, so long as your flight offers meal service (overseas, plus cross-country flights for First and Business Class passengers.) American offers meals that accommodate special diets for religious reasons (Kosher and Muslim), philosophical preference (Vegetarian/Vegan) and certain medical needs (diabetic and gluten free.)

After outlining these options, they state that they will not make any accommodations for passengers with nut allergies, and advise passengers to take “medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure.” Because we can just pop a Claritin before the flight and we’ll be protected if exposed–give me a break.

To see the screenshots and the rest of American Airline's double standards, click here!

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