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Gluten-Free Summer Vacations

Traveling in general can be stressful and not the best environment for finding healthy food. Throw in some food restrictions and the challenge multiplies!
Here are some of my tips for whatever your summer plans may be.
For camping- I'm a big fan of camping! There is nothing better than sleeping in a tent and cooking on a fire in my opinion. I love being completely disconnected and relaxed. Prepping for camping trips isn't always relaxing. But, it is actually pretty easy to prepare gluten-free meals for your camping trip. Between all the great products out there and some simple recipes, you are all set. Here are a few of the recipes and products I used while in Yosemite, and Big Bear. My only wish is that there were more gluten-free freeze-dried meals available for back-packing. That would be excellent. I'll just have to start bugging Mountain House about creating a gluten-free product.
For airports- Airports stink for almost all food options, unless you are really letting loose and going down the dreaded fast food road. Once you are up in the air you know you will regret it, and so will all the passengers within 5 rows of you. Well, lucky for us, more and more airports are carrying gluten-free options! Even the smallest of airports usually have some Go Picnic available in the little stores. You can even get some gluten-free treats on most United and Virgin America flights! Take a second before your trip and do some research, to make your life easier Ultimate Gluten Free created a list of gluten-free options in airports all over the country!
For the beach- Grab your cooler and lets get ready! Beach days are always fun, and usually filled with cool drinks, fresh fruit, and veggies which makes the gluten-free search easy. But, if you are hard core playing volleyball or surfing you might need something more. I recommend grabbing some of your favorite bars (I love TrueBars, This Bar Saves LivesThunderbird Energetica, and Kind Bars) and plenty of chips and salsa or crackers and hummus. Tortilla chips are always a good option, maybe grab some Way Better Chips or some Live Love Pop popcorn!
For new cities- Download the Find Me Gluten Free app right now! This is your best friend in every new city you go to! You will discover fantastic restaurants with gluten-free options and avoid going to all the same chain restaurants you could go to anywhere. Since people can leave reviews, you get a pretty good idea of what you're gonna get. Be sure to leave a review with your experience as well, it helps us all!
For road trips-I will refer again to the Find Me Gluten Free app, but also be sure to plan ahead and pack plenty of snacks with you for the road. Depending on where you go there may not be a lot of options. Just in case, better to be prepared. As a diabetic, I always have snacks handy, so its second nature for me. But if you end up getting glutened on the road, you will never make that mistake again. So learn from the mistakes of others, and plan ahead!
For all of these options, you can always just prep yourself and bring what you need. But lets be honest, when you are out and about on vacation, its just more fun to have something new and different. You will mostly have to plan ahead, but how exciting is it when you find a surprise gluten-free bakery or menu! For all of these, one of my favorite things to have handy is some delicious trail mix. If you missed my trail mix recipe last week... you can find it here!
 Happy Summer! Thanks for reading!  Be sure to follow, like, and a subscribe on Twitter,InstagramPinterest and on Facebook!

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