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Visiting Kauai with Celiac Disease and a Life-Threatening Peanut Allergy

Visiting Kauai with Celiac Disease and a Life-Threatening Peanut Allergy
If you plan to visit Kauai, I've created this guide to assist you with your search for gluten-free or peanut-free food with a focus on the north and east shore. Enjoy!

While the state of Hawaii is a magnificent place with beautiful vistas everywhere you turn, Kauai is the crown jewel. This rural island is exquisite with its multiple waterfalls, rainbows, mountainous green landscape with red dirt, gigantic flowers and tropical plants, caves, beautiful beaches and a canyon nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. My family fell in love with Kauai almost eight years ago. Despite a reluctance to visit the same place twice, we returned last summer and had a fabulous time.

I have a strong bias regarding this island. If you visit in the summer, I think the best place to be is on the north shore. With calmer summertime surf, snorkeling and water activities are plentiful and the scenery is unparalleled! Rugged green mountains dipping into the ocean, picturesque towns, taro fields, and colorful fish and coral reefs lining the shores, it's a feast for your senses. Yes, it can rain but with rain comes spectacular flora and frequent rainbows. While the north shore is amazing, there is much to see and do in other parts of the island as well. You won't be disappointed!

If you are living with celiac disease or a peanut allergy, there are markets and dining establishments that can meet your needs. Use my guide as a launching point for your trip and check out the links below. If you have more to add, pay it forward!



Lihue is the capital city where you will land in Kauai. Nearby, you'll find a Costco which is a great place to stock up on essentials for your condo. Beach gear that couldn't be squeezed into your luggage can be purchased here as well. Alternatively, you can rent masks, snorkels and fins at Jack's Dive Locker which is right on the main road, heading north. Prices are fairly reasonable. Save that luggage space for specialty food items you'd rather not pay high Hawaii prices for!

Lihue has some good restaurants and a fabulous bakery called Sweet Marie's that is both gluten-free and peanut-free. My son was delighted! Imagine finding a place where you can eat EVERYTHING! Marie truly "gets" celiac and allergy issues and is very welcoming.

My son puts up with some disappointments when we travel despite our best research: food that has to be sent back, limited options, disclaimers from staff -- anxiety, not withstanding! When we can find a bakery or restaurant that completely meets his needs, we plan a day's itinerary from it. Stock up on Sweet Marie's baked goods here before heading to your condo!

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