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Best Snacks for a Summer Road Trip

Best Snacks for a Summer Road Trip
With summer in full swing, many of us are planning our summer vacations or post-graduation last hurrahs with family and friends. When your stomach starts rumbling or when the kids start complaining, don’t get caught on the road with nothing to eat, or worse yet, don’t confine yourself to the semi-edible offerings of the closest gas station or rest stop! At the Tasteful Pantry, we’ve got a number of snacks that are healthy, easily portable and shareable, tasty, and won’t leave you hungry 5 minutes later. Plan ahead and order your snacks from our shop, or let us do the work for you and order a hand-picked Treat Box. You could even re-use the box after you finish the snacks for handy things like wrappers, napkins or keys!

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