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Just how advanced are we?

Just how advanced are we?

This summer, my son had the exciting opportunity to participate in the Gothia World Youth Soccer Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden. While he raced about, exhilerated by questions like "what will the uniform look like" and "what countries will we play," I was distracted by something more basic: "How, pray tell, will we eat?" 

Yes: part of the answer to that question came from the grocery store located, mercifully, just a short walk from the hotel. But the best part of that answer was discovering, as we wandered sleepy-eyed into the massive hotel breakfast room on the morning of his first game, that the impressively-large buffet spread there contained a whole table just for gluten- AND lactose-free products! And the hot buffet? Posted signs with all of the ingredients for each dish!

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3455.JPGI was shocked. I was stunned. And by the time I left, I was happily fed - and, I was thinking about how differently that more than likely would have gone had a U.S. hotel been the host.

And that's when it hit me: we Americans are used to the idea that we're figuring things out ahead of the curve. And often we are. But when we make that assumption without investigating further, it can lead us to place limits on ourselves and to miss out on experiences we would have enjoyed.

Like playing the Czech national 12 year old champions in soccer.  It turns out we both learned a lot on our trip!